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CT Car Storage

Six Month Membership as low as $275 per month, per vehicle

We Store Cars From All Over! Including Stamford, Danbury & Milford, CT

CT Car Storage's facilities are designed specifically to store your prized vehicles and is the first and only auto storage facility of its kind in the Northeast! We are offering you everything you could imagine to keep your vehicles secure and protected in one convenient location.

At CT Car Storage, our memberships are structured for all of our customers' needs. Members control access to their private auto suites, so no more calling ahead to get your vehicle out of a warehouse.

CT Car Storage also has "The Library," which is a fully-equipped clubhouse/lounge for all our members. "The Library" has wireless internet access, a TV, a fireplace, and so much more. For members who are in an auto club, "The Library" can be available for you and your club members to utilize for meetings or special events.

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Storage Facility Features

  • Climate Controlled
  • Virtually Dust-Free with Central Dehumidifcation and Air Cleaners
  • Individual Door Alarm and Motion Detector in each Auto Suite
  • 24 Hour Active Surveillance
  • Automatic Garage Doors
  • Vehicle Detailing Area
  • Multiple Auto Suites Available for Larger Collections
  • Arranged Vehicle Pick-Up and Delivery