"We'll Take Care of your Baby"
Our Car Storage Facility

You can trust that your car will receive the finest care possible when it’s stored at CT Car Storage. We provide full climate control and humidity control services, as well as air cleaners to keep your individual garage suite virtually dust-free. 

CT Car Storage offers the finest facility for collectable car storage, with an ultra-private automobile suite that is alarmed and monitiored.   These alarms automatically disarm and rearm when you come and go from the storage facility, offering you full convenience and piece of mind.

Additional Storage Services 

CT Car Storage also offers concierge vehicle services as part of our storage facility’s services. These services include a Car Minder service, access to “The Library,” pick-up and delivery arrangements, meeting facility scheduling, and discounts to conventional self-storage at Oakdale Storage Center. 

Each individual storage space at CT Car Storage is fully enclosed and provides more than ample floor space, perfect for comfortably storing your vehicle and easily driving it in and out of the suite. Garage access doors are a full 10 feet wide with a height of 8 feet. 
Contact CT Car Storage today for more storage details. We proudly serve New Haven, CT; Danbury, CT; Milford, CT; Westchester County, NY; and the surrounding areas.
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